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Service Isn’t Just Something We Provide, It’s Who We Are. From Wholesale Distribution, To Electronic Recycling Services, To Health And Fitness, We Are AmeriPlus Benefits.

Three Separate Companies To Serve Your Needs

AmeriPlus Wholesale Distribution

Stay Ahead Of Competitors, And Stock Up On The Latest Products Available To The Industry. We Supply Hardware, Fasteners, Clips, Bolts, Bits, And More! Whatever Your Hardware Needs Are, We Provide!

United Electronic Recycling Services

We Provide Electronic Recycling Services To All Types Of Industries And Business. Whatever Your Business Is, We Can Recycle All Of Your E-Waste. Click Here To See A List Of Items We Recycle.

Zurvita Health And Fitness Services

Why Work Hard To Generate Wealth, And Then Spend It All On Your Health? Try Zurvita With Zeal, And Get Your Daily Dose Of Wellness. Energy And Well-being For The Whole Day.

First-Class Business Services Designed To Keep YOU And Your BUSINESS Running Smooth

Business Services, Re-imagined

Our Broad Range Of Services Provides Us With A Broad Customer Base. It Is Always Our Goal To Satisfy Each And Every Client With Unmatched Customer Service.

Feel Free To Browse All Of Our Businesses And Providers. If you Have Any Questions, Please Feel Free To Contact Us At 405-409-5744

AmeriPlus Wholesale Distribution
We provide sales and service to Body shops, Auto Repair Shops, manufacturing and large Plants!  Also we have a program for Retail Stores like True Value Stores, Lumber Yards or Auto Part stores.  We provide Bins and Service and organizing of products.
AmeriPlus Electronics Recycling
Get Rid Of It Responsibly, And Go Green!

We provide services to City and county Governments, Hundreds of private and public Schools, Manufacturing companies, Banks, Call Centers, And All types of Businesses

We also provide Community Recycling Events for like Earth Day and America Recycle Day!

Zurvita Health And Fitness

Don’t Work Hard And Spend Your Wealth On Your Health. Energy, Health, Wellness, And More!

Zurvita Health And Fitness

We’re now offering Hemp Oil and other CBD Products. Contact us today to find out more about our wide range of health products and supplements.


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